Susana Binder


I studied law, practiced business, and found my passion in design.

β€” Curious how I got from then to now? Read the full story here. β€”

🧐  Law honed my analytical skills
πŸ“Š  Businesses sharpened my utility-oriented mindset
🎨  Design provided me the tools necessary to challenge the status quo of products and services

As a result, my interdisciplinary profile embraces diverse skills, making my professional activities range from designing to managing.

I believe that there is no such thing as "no design” and that "people ignore design that ignores people" (Frank Chimero).

This is why method is necessary both in design and business processes in order to achieve the best human-centered design results for any commission given.

My beliefs paired with my curiosity, which has led me to delve into varied subjects over the years, as well as my extensive overview of different sectors, lead me to quite naturally consider overall design strategies for projects.

πŸŽ₯ Watch my talk on curiosity at WIAD 21 here